Conversation Holy Mother II – Devotee in a fit of Pique with God

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Devotee in a fit of Pique with God Back

30th September, 1918

A devotee in a fit of pique with God

It was morning. The Holy Mother was dressing fruits for the worship. The disciple was reading to her a letter written by a devotee. He had written in such a strain that it seemed as if he were piqued with God. The Mother dictated the reply : ” The Master used to say, ‘ Sages like Suka and
Vyasa were at best big ants. God has this infinite creation. If you do not pray to God, what does it matter to Him ? There are many, many people who do not even think of God. If you do not call on Him, it is your misfortune. Such is the Divine Maya that He has thus made people forget Him. He feels,

‘ They are quite all right, let them be.’ “

Disciple: Mother, it is not that people do not want to see God. Otherwise why should such a question arise in their mind at all ? The thing is that they feel greatly hurt that God, whom they like to feel as their very ‘ own ‘ moves away from them. Buddha, Chaitanya, Jesus Christ and others like them did so much for their devotees in order to insure their welfare.

Mother : That was also the attitude of our Master. It is not possible for me always to recollect all the devotees. I say to the Master, O Lord, please bless all, wherever they may be. I cannot remember everyone.” And see, it is he who is doing everything. Otherwise why should so many people come ?

Disciple: That is true, indeed. It is rather easy for men to believe Kali, Durga and other Deities to be God, but is it easy to accept a man as God ?

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