Conversation Holy Mother II – Obsession regarding purity of mind

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Obsession regarding purity of mind Back

14th July, 1913

The disciple and Mukunda were seated in the porch of the Holy Mother’s house for their midday meal. The Mother was seated in the porch of the adjoining house. Nalini arrived dressed in white. She had taken her bath, because a crow had dropped filth on her.

Obsession regarding purity of mind is the sign of an impure mind

Mother: I am an old woman now, but I have never , heard of a crow dropping filth like that. Your mind is impure. Can mind lose its purity without great sins ? The sister of Krishna Bose had such obsessions. While bathing in the Ganges she would ask people whether the top of her head was under water. That is an obsession. As a result the mind never feels pure. An impure mind does not easily become pure. The more you emphasize your obsession the more obsessed you become. It is true of all things.

Disciple : I have seen Mahapurushji (Swami Shiva-nanda) handle dogs and then go to the shrine room to worship the Master. Perhaps someone would pour a little water in his hand and he would sprinkle a few drops over his face. At that time Ganges water was used for everything.

Mother : It is quite different with them. How pure is their mind ! It is the mind of the Sadhu. They are gods, indeed, who live on the bank of the Ganges. Can anyone but gods live on the bank of the Ganges ? Sins committed daily are expiated by ablution in the Ganges.

Nalini: Golap-Ma one day washed the bath room in the Udbodhan Office and then dressed fruits for offering in the shrine after merely changing her cloth. I said to her, ” What is this,. Golap-Didi ? Go and bathe in the Ganges.” Golap-Ma said to me, ” Why don’t you do it, if you so desire ? “

Mother: How pure is Golap’s mind! How high-souled she is! Therefore she does not discriminate so much between pure and impure things. She does not at all bother about rules regarding external purity. This is her last birth. In order to acquire a mind like that you need a different body. Pure air blows for eight miles on both the banks of the Ganges. This air is the embodiment of Narayana. The mind is rendered pure as the result of much austerities. ” God who is purity itself cannot be attained without austerities.”

What else does one obtain by the realization of God ? Does he grow two horns ? No, his mind becomes pure, and through a pure mind one attains knowledge and spiritual awakening.

Disciple : There are devotees who surrender themselves to God, but do not practise austerities. Will they attain to this state ?

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