Conversation Holy Mother II – Look at the Master’s picture

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Look at the Master’s picture Back

Look at the Master’s picture if you cannot concentrate

Mother: It does not matter much. It will be enough if you look at the picture of the Master. The Master was ill at Cossipore. The young disciples used to attend on him by turn. Gopal also was there. One day instead of serving the Master he went for meditation. He meditated for a long time. When Girish Babu heard of it, he remarked, ” The one upon whom he is meditating with closed eyes is suffering on a sick-bed and, fancy, he is meditating upon him ! ” Gopal was sent for. The Master asked him to stroke his legs. He said to him, ” Do you think I am asking you to stroke my legs because they are aching ? Oh, no! In your previous births you did many virtuous acts; therefore I am accepting your service.” Look at the picture of Sri Ramakrishna, and that will be enough.

Surendra : Mother, I do not succeed in regularly counting the beads three times a day.

Mother : If you don’t, think of the Master, perform your Japa whenever you can ; at least you can salute him mentally, can’t you ?

Durga Babu: Mother, I do not quite understand what rules one should observe regarding one’s food.

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