Conversation Holy Mother II – Glory of Master’s personality

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Glory of Master’s personality

The Master practised all kinds of disciplines. He used to say, ” I have made the mould ; now you may cast the image.”

Disciple: What is the meaning of casting the image ?

Bhudev: It means to meditate on the Master and mould yourself after him.

Mother : Yes, he has understood it. To cast the image means to meditate and contemplate on the Master, to think of various incidents of his life.

By meditating on him, one gets all the spiritual moods. He used to say, ” One who remembers me never suffers from want of food or from other physical privations.”

Maku : Did he himself say this ?

Mother: Yes, these are the very words from his mouth. By remembering him one gets rid of all sufferings. Don’t you see that all his devotees are happy ? Elsewhere you will not find devotees like those of the Master. Here, in Banaras, I see so many holy men ; but can you point out one like his devotees ?

Disciple: There is a reason for that, Mother. About him we feel as if the market has just come to a close. All the signs of the market are there: People are still moving about. The devotees and the intimate disciples of the Master are still alive. We feel that the Master, as it were, is very near us. He has not gone away to any great distance. We shall get the response if we but call on him.

Mother : Yes, many people do get it.

Disciple: Krishna, Rama and others seem to belong to a bygone age. They are not near enough to respond to our prayer.

Mother: Yes, that is true.

Referring to the Cossipore Garden, the disciple said, ” It is a sacred place and now a European gentleman lives there.

Mother: At the Cossipore Garden the Master spent the last days of his life. The place is associated with so much meditation, Samadhi and the practice of austerities. It is the place where the Master entered into Mahasamadlii. It is a place permeated with intense spiritual vibration. One realizes God-consciousness by meditating there. The place may be acquired if the Master commands its owner through dream to hand it over to the Belur Math.

Then the Mother talked about the disciples of the Master, whereupon the disciple asked her, ” Please tell me who these disciples of the Master are. We cannot recognize them.”

Mother: What do I know ? But it is true that those who had been born with the Master in his previous incarnations have accompanied him this time also.

Disciple: I do not have any such desire as to see a four-handed Deity and the like. I am quite satisfied with what we have.

Mother: That is also the case with me.What shall we gain by these supernatural visions ? For us the Master exists – and he is everything.

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