Conversation Holy Mother II – Truth and salvation

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Truth and salvation

In this Kali Yuga one attains to God if one simply sticks to truth. The Master used to say, He who speaks nothing but truth is lying on the lap of God.” During the Master’s illness at Dakshineswar, I used to boil and condense milk for him and take to him two pounds of milk saying that it was one. I would not tell him the correct quantity. One day
he came to know about it and said, ” What is this ? Stick to truth. You see, I have bowel complaints on account of my taking a large quantity of milk,” Surprisingly enough, that very day he suffered from disorder of the bowels. He had all powers, but that is not so with us.

Disciple: My asking you all these questions or talking in this manner is not really meant for me. I do not worry about myself. I have a different feeling about it. What I want to know is this : I address you as my mother. Are you really my mother ?

Mother: Who else am I ? Yes, I am your own mother.

Disciple: You may say so. But I do not clearly see this. Naturally and spontaneously I know the mother who gave birth to my body as my own mother. But can I think of you likewise ?

Mother : Alas, it is true, indeed!

A few moments later, she added, ” My child, He alone is our father and mother. He alone has become our father and mother.”

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