Conversation Holy Mother II – Dying in Banaras leads to salvation

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Dying in Banaras leads to salvation

The following morning, the Holy Mother said to
K – Maharaj, ” Yesterday night I lay awake on my bed when I suddenly saw the image of Narayana of the Seth’s temple of Brindavan standing by my side. The garland of flowers round the neck of the Deity hung up to the feet. The Master stood with folded hands in front of the image. I thought, ‘How could the Master come here ? ‘ I said, ‘ R – does not want to believe.’ The Master said, ‘ He must. This is all true.’ He meant that one dying in Banaras gains liberation. That Narayana image said to me two things. One was: ‘ Can one ever get the knowledge of Reality unless one knows the truth about God ?’ The other thing I do not recall.”

K – Maharaj : Why did the Master stand with folded hands before the image of Narayana ?

Mother: That was the characteristic attitude. He was humble before all.

I called on the Mother in the morning and asked her, referring to the conversation of the previous day : ” Please tell me if one dying in Banaras gains liberation. What have you seen ? “

Mother: The Scriptures say so. Besides, so many people come here with this faith. What else can happen to him who has taken refuge in the Lord ?

Disciple: It is, of course, true that he who has taken refuge in God will be liberated. But take the case of those who have not surrendered themselves to God, who are not His devotees, or who belong to other faiths, – will they also get liberation by dying at Banaras ?

Mother: Yes, they too. Banaras is permeated with the spirit of God. All living beings of this place, even the moths and insects, are filled with divine consciousness. Any being that dies here – be it a devotee, an atheist, one belonging to another religion, or even an insect or moth – will surely be liberated.

Disciple : Are you speaking the truth ?

Mother: Yes, it is true, indeed. Otherwise how can you explain the glory of the holy place ?

Nearby there were some sweets that had been offered to the Lord. A fly, buzzing about, sat on my arm. Pointing to it, I said, ” Even this fly ? “

Mother : Yes, even that fly. All living beings of this place are filled with the spirit of God. Bhudev wanted to take home two young pigeons that had been caught in the niche over the staircase. I said to him, ” No, no; you must not take them away. They are inhabitants of Banaras.” The women coming from East Bengal live in the Bangalitola. Have they no love for their homes and properties, friends and relatives ? But they all have settled down here in order to breathe their last in Banaras. They have such wisdom. They are without attachment.

Disciple: You see, how spiritual are the people of East Bengal!

Mother: Yes, that’s true. People of our district are devoid of spiritual wisdom. Take the case of the father-in-law of Radhu. His family owns a house in Banaras. Still the members of the family are frightened at the very mention of Banaras. They fancy that they will not die if they cling to their native village. Death, however, moves with us as our shadow.

Disciple: Are you really speaking the truth when you say that one dying here gains liberation ?

Mother (sharply) : I cannot swear before you thrice. Swearing once is bad enough. Swearing three times ! And that, too, in Banaras !

Disciple (smiling): Please see that I do not die in Banaras. In that case where shall I be and where will you be ? We shall not see each other.

Mother (smiling) : How stupid ! He says that he does not want to die in Banaras.

Disciple: Mother, seeing is believing. One believes in a statement when it can be corroborated by direct perception.

Mother : What else shall you do if you do not believe in the words of high-souled men ? Is there any other way except the one trodden by sages and seers and other holy men ?

Disciple: None, indeed! What else can I do but listen to the seers who have had direct perception ? That is why I have put the question to you.

I shall let you go only when you will give me a direct reply.

Mother : Does it matter in the least to God whether you believe or not ? Even the sage Suka Deva was to Him like a big ant at the most. Infinite is He. How much can you understand of Him? Our Master was a man of direct perception. He saw everything ; he knew everything. His words are the words of the Veda. What will you do if you do not believe in his words ?

Disciple : The Scriptures differ. Some Scriptures say ‘ this’ and others that Which shall we accept ? That is why I am bothering you.

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