Conversation Holy Mother II – Karma vs spiritual practices

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7th July, 1912

Disciple: Mother, was it not arranged that you would visit Puri at the time of the Car Festival ?

Mother: Is it good to go there when there is such a rush of people ? Perhaps there will be an epidemic of cholera then. Lakshmikanta, the priest, said, ” Even now all the rooms and houses are rented. There is no place to stay in. Even the small rooms have been rented for ten rupees each. Please come during the winter months.”

Disciple : How many temples, gods and goddesses the Mussalmans have destroyed! They have cut off the noses of some of the images and the ears of others* . . . There is the temple of Somanath in Gujarat. The priests, in former times, used to bathe the Deity daily with water from Gangotri. Every day people used to carry water from the Himalayas in pots on their heads. Sultan Mohammed demolished the image and carried away the temple doors that were made of sandal wood. Why should that happen ?

Mother : The wicked do not feel the Divine presence in the image. The Deity disappears, as it were, before them. He can do whatever He likes by His mere will. This also is a sport of God.

Disciple : Can the effect of Karma be made null and void ? The Scriptures say that knowledge alone can destroy Karma. Still one must reap the result of Prarabdha Karma.

Karma are inevitable, but spiritual practices can mitigate them

Mother : Karma alone is responsible for our misery and happiness. Even the Master
had to suffer from the effect of Karma. Once his elder brother was drinking water while delirious. The Master snatched the glass out of his hand after he had drunk just a little. The brother became angry and said, ” You have stopped me from drinking water. You will also suffer likewise. You will also feel such pain in your throat.” The Master said, “Brother, I did not mean to injure you. You are ill. Water will harm you. That is why I have taken the glass away. Why have you, then, cursed me in this manner ? ” The brother said, weeping, ” I do not know, brother. Those words have come from my mouth. They cannot but bear fruit.” At the time of his illness the Master told me, ” I have got this ulcer in my throat because of that curse.” I said to him in reply, ” How can man
possibly live if such a thing as this can happen to you ? ” The Master remarked, ” My brother was a righteous man. His words must come true. Can the words of anyone and everyone be thus fulfilled ? “

The result of Karma is inevitable. But by repeating the Name of God, you can lessen its intensity. If you were destined to have a wound as wide as a ploughshare, you will get a pin-prick at least. The effect of Karma can be counteracted to a great extent by Japa and austerities. This was the case with king Suratha. He had worshipped the Goddess by slaughtering a lakh of goats. Later on, these one hundred thousand goats killed the king with one stroke of the sword ; he did not have to be born one hundred thousand times. That was because he had worshipped the Divine Mother. Chanting God’s holy Name lessens the intensity of Karmic effects.

Disciple: If that be so, then the law of Karma is supreme in this world. Then why should one believe in God ? The Buddhists accept the law of Karma but not God.

Mother: Do you mean to say that there are no Deities like Kali, Krishna, Durga and the like ?

Disciple: Is the effect of Karma destroyed by austerities and Japa ?

Mother: Why not ? It is good to do the right kind of work. One feels happy in doing good and one suffers by doing evil. . . .

Disciple: Many devotees used to visit the Master. Where are they now ? None of them comes to see you.

Mother: Oh, they are all leading happy lives !

Disciple : What ? Happy!

Mother: You are right. How can a man be happy in this world with his wife and children ? They have forgotten themselves in ‘ woman ‘ and ‘ gold ‘, Everything in the world results in suffering, after all.

Disciple: Besides, the mind has outgoing propensities.

Mother: Kali, the Mother of the Universe, is the Mother of all. It is She alone who has begotten both good and evil. Everything has come out of Her womb. There are different kinds of perfect souls – perfect from very birth, perfect through spiritual disciplines, perfect through the grace of the teacher, and made perfect all of a sudden.

Disciple: What is the meaning of ‘made perfect all of a sudden ‘ ?

Mother : It is like becoming wealthy suddenly by inheriting the riches of another.

Just then Nalini, the Mother’s niece, entered the room after a bath in the Ganges. Finding the water-closet a little dirty, she had washed it with a few pots of water, and hence had taken bath in the Ganges for purification. The disciple and the Mother opined that she need have bathed under the tap alone.

Nalini: How is that enough ? A water-closet!

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