Conversation Holy Mother II – Desires real and apparent

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Desires real and apparent Back

Desires – real and apparent

Mother: In your case these are no real desires. They are nothing. They are mere fancies that appear and disappear in your mind. The more they come and go, the better for you.

1 A Sannyasin devotee once asked the Holy Mother, ” I have .been practising religious disciplines. I do not relax my efforts in
that direction. But it appears that the impurities of mind are not growing less.” The Mother said, ” You have rolled different threads on a reel – red, black and white. While unrolling you will see them all exactly in the same way.” There are two kinds of desires : one that stimulates enjoyment and the other that quickens dispassion. Though externally they appear the same, their effects are different.

Disciple: Yesterday I thought how I could fight with my mind unless God assured me of His protection. The moment one desire disappears another crops up.

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