Conversation Holy Mother II – God has the nature of a child

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Conversation Holy Mother II – God has the nature of a child Back

God has the nature of a child

Mother: God has the nature of a child. Some beg but He does not give them, while others who does not want He asks them to accept. Perhaps the latter had many meritorious acts to their credit in their past births. Therefore God’s grace descends on them.

Disciple: Then there is discrimination even in the grace of God.

Mother: Yes, that’s true. Everything depends upon Karma (ones past actions). The moment one’s Karma comes to an end, one realizes God. That is one’s last birth.

Disciple: I admit that the cessation of actions (Karma-kshaya), spiritual disciplines and time are the factors in the attainment of spiritual knowledge and consciousness. But if God be our very ‘own ‘, then can’t He reveal Himself to His devotees by His mere will ?

Mother: That is right. But who has this faith that He is his ‘ own ‘ ? All practise these or those disciplines because they think it their duty to do so. But how many seek God ?

Disciple : Once I said to you that the child does not recognize even its own mother, if it is deprived of her care and love.

Mother : Yes, you have spoken truly. How can one love another unless one sees him ? You see, you have seen me. I am your Mother and you are my child.

1st February, 1912

It was about half past nine in the evening when I went to the Holy Mother. I had not seen her for the whole day.

Mother : Where have you been the whole day ?

Disciple : I have been busy with accounts downstairs.

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