Conversation Holy Mother II – Meaning of God-realization

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Meaning of God-realization

Disciple: Mother, does the vision of God mean the attainment of knowledgeation (Jnana) and spiritual consciousness (Chaitanya) ? Or, does it signify something else ?

Mother: What else can it mean except the attainment of these ? Does anybody mean to say that a man of realization grows two horns ?

Disciple: Many of your devotees explain the vision of God differently. They believe that one sees God with physical eyes and talks to Him.

Mother: Yes, they say, “Please show us the Father.” But he (Sri Ramakrishna) is nobody’s father. The three words – Guru, Master (Karta) and Father (Baba) – pricked him like thorn. How many sages practised austerities for ages and ages! Still they could not realize God. And now people will not practise disciplines or undergo austerities, but they must be shown God immediately ! I can’t do it. Can you tell me if he (Sri Ramakrishna) had shown God to anyone ?

Disciple : Well, Mother, we hear that some seek but do not get, while others do not seek but get. What does this mean ?

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