Conversation Holy Mother II – Speeding up of spiritual evolution

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One day in the rainy season of the same year, 1911, Swami Saradananda, Yogin-Ma, Golap-Ma and several other devotees went to Kamarpukur from Jayrambati. Yogin-Ma slipped on the road, cut some parts of her body and blood flowed. I returned to Jayrambati ahead of the party and told the Holy Mother about Yogin-Ma’s accident. The Mother said sadly, ” Golap said before they set out, Yogin is going with us ; let us see how often she slips on the road.’ Yogin fell down to vindicate Golap’s words. After all, those were the words of a spiritual woman. She practises spiritual disciplines. Therefore her words must bear fruit. Hence a holy person must not say anything bad about anyone.”


16th January, 1912

Speeding up of spiritual evolution

I was with the Holy Mother in the morning in her room- I said to her, ” Mother. Sri Chaitanya one day blessed Narayani, saying May you have devotion to Krishna ! The words had such a magic effect that the girl, only three or four years old, rolled on the ground uttering, ‘ Ah, Krishna! Oh, Krishna! ‘ We have read a story about Narada. After he had realized God, one day he felt compassion for an ant. He said to himself, ‘ I have attained to perfection as the result of practising austerities through many human births, and this poor ant will have to wait so long, even before it is born as a man! ‘ Tenderly he blessed the ant, saying, ‘ Be free ! ‘ Immediately the ant assumed such non-human forms as birds, beasts, and so forth, and gradually took the body of a man. It passed through many human births, enjoyed the experiences associated with them, and step by step, directed its attention to spiritual disciplines. It worshipped God and attained salvation. Narada saw in the twinkling of an eye all these events of innumerable births. Therefore one may get liberation instantaneously through the grace of a great soul.”

Mother: That is true.

Disciple : But I have also heard that one cannot keep one’s body long, if one accepts the burden of the sins of others. The body that might have been instrumental in getting salvation for many, withers away for the sake of one sinful person.

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