Conversation Holy Mother II – On Nirvana

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Conversation Holy Mother II – On Nirvana Back

On Nirvana and other states of salvation

At the time of death, Yogin (Swami Yogananda)
wanted Nirvana. Girish Babu said to him, ” Look here, Yogin ! Don’t accept Nirvana. Don’t think of the Master as pervading the entire Universe, the sun and the moon forming his eyes. Think of the Master as he used to be to us, and thus thinking of Him, go to Him.” Deities and angels, whoever they be, are born again on this earth. They do not eat or talk in their subtle bodies.

Disciple: If they neither eat nor talk, then how do they spend their days ?

Mother: Immersed in meditation they remain where they are, like wooden images, for ages! Like the images of the kings I saw at Rameswaram, standing there dressed in royal robes! When God needs them, he brings them down from their respective places. There are different heavenly planes, such as the Yama-loka, Satya-loka, and
Dhruva-loka. The Master said that he had brought down Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) from the plane of the Seven Sages (Sapta-rishis). His words are verily the words of the Veda. They can never be untrue.

Disciple : Must we also, then, live like images of wood or clay ?

Mother : Oh, no! You will serve the Master. There are two classes of devotees. One class devotes itself to the service of God, as on this earth ; and another group is immersed in meditation for ages, like the images.

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