Conversation Holy Mother II – Deity partakes of offerings

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The Deity partakes of offerings

Mother: A light comes out of his eyes and licks all the articles of food. Why? Does the Masterrequire any food ? He doesn’t. He eats the food
offering only for the gratification of the devotees. The sacred Prasada purifies the heart. The mind becomes impure, if one eats food without first offering it to God.1

1 A devotee had once accepted from the Holy Mother the ochre robe of the monastic life. He suffered from illness for some years and had been to several places for change of air. Later he spent some time at his home instead of living at the monastery. One day he came to Jayrambati and returned the ochre robe to the Holy Mother. Referring to the incident, the Holy Mother said, “Alas! His mind has become impure on account of his eating the food of worldly-minded people.”

Disciple: Does the Master really partake of the food-offering ?

Mother: Yes. Do I not notice whether he partakes of the food or not ? The Master takes his seat before the plate and then partakes of the food.

Disciple : Do you then actually see it ?

Mother: Yes. In the case of some offerings, he actually eats and in other cases he merely looks at them. Take your own case. You don’t like to eat all things at all times. Nor do you relish the food offered by anyone and everyone. It is like that. One’s love of God depends entirely upon one’s inner feeling. Love of God is the essential thing.

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