Conversation Holy Mother II – State of non-duality

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The state of non-duality

Mother: You are right, my child. In course of
time one does not feel even the existence of God. After attaining wisdom (Jnana) one sees that
gods and deities are all Maya. Everything comes into existence in time and also disappears in time…. God and such things really disappear at the dawn of knowledge. The aspirant then realizes that the Mother alone pervades the entire Universe. All then become one. This is the simple truth.

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The Holy Mother was sorting bel leaves for the daily worship when I showed her one of the photographs of her that had been printed recently. I asked if it was a good likeness of hers.

Mother: Yes, this is a good picture but I was stouter before it was taken. Jogin (Swami Yogananda) was very ill at that time. Worrying about him, I became emaciated. I was very unhappy then. I would weep when Jogin’s illness took a turn for the worse and I would feel happy when he felt better. Mrs. Sarah Bull took this photograph. At first I did not agree to it; but she insisted and said, ” Mother, I shall take this picture to America and worship it.” At last the picture was taken.

Disciple: Mother, that photograph of Sri Rama-krishna which you have with you is a very good one. One feels it when one sees the picture. Well, is that a good likeness of the Master ?

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