Conversation Holy Mother II – Mystery of Karma and Divine will

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Mystery of Karma and Divine will Back

The mystery of Karma and Divine will

Disciple: Where does one first get the propensity which leads him to an action, good Karma and Divine or bad ? You may say, as an explanation of the propensities of this life, that they are due to the actions of the previous life, and the propensities of that life to the preceding one. But where is the beginning ?

Mother : Nothing can happen without the will of God. Not even a straw can move. When a man passes into a favourable time, he gets the desire to contemplate on God. But when the time is unfavourable, he gets all the facilities for doing evil actions. Everything happens in time according to the will of God. It is God alone who expresses His will through the actions of man. Could Naren (Swami Vivekananda) by himself have accomplished all those things ? He was able to succeed because God worked through him. The Master has predetermined what he is going to accomplish. If anyone surrenders himself totally at his feet, then the Master will see that everything is set right. One must bear with everything, because all our facilities are determined by actions (Karmas). Again, actions can be cancelled by.actions.

Disciple: Can action ever cancel action ?

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