Conversation Holy Mother II – God and the problem of suffering

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Conversation Holy Mother II – God and the problem of suffering Back

God and the problem of suffering

The Mother was engaged in a conversation with me in the morning.

Disciple : Mother, if there exists some being called God, why is there so much suffering and misery in the world ? Does He not see it ? Has He not the power to remove it ?

Mother: The creation itself is full of misery and happiness. Could any one appreciate happiness if misery did not exist ? Besides, how is it possible for all persons to be happy ? Sita once said to Rama, ” Why don’t you remove the suffering and unhappiness of all your subjects ? Please make all the inhabitants of your kingdom happy. If you only will, you can easily do it.” Rama said, ” Is it ever possible for all persons to be happy at the same time ? ” ” Why not?” asked Sita. “Please supply from the royal treasury the means of satisfying everyone’s wants.” ” All right,” said Rama, ” your will shall be carried out.” Rama sent for Lakshmana and said to him, ” Go and notify everyone in my empire that whatever he wants he may get from the royal treasury.” At this the subjects of Rama came to the palace and told their wants. The royal treasury began to flow without stint. When everyone was spending his days joyously, through the Maya of Rama the roof of the building in which Rama and Sita lived, started to leak. Workmen were sent for to repair the building. But where were workmen to be had ? There was not a labourer in the kingdom. In the absence of masons, carpenters and artisans, all buildings went out of repair, and work was at a standstill. The subjects of Rama informed the king of their difficulties. Finding no other help, Sita said to Rama, ” It is no longer possible to bear the discomfort of the leaking roof. Please arrange things as they were before. Then all will be able to procure workmen. Now I realize that it is not possible for all persons to be happy at the same time.” “Let it be so,” said Rama. Instantaneously all things were as before and workmen could once more be engaged. Sita said to Rama, ” Lord, this creation is your wonderful sport! “

No one can suffer for all time. No one will spend all his days on this earth in suffering. Every action brings its own result, and one gets one’s opportunities accordingly.

Disciple: Is everything then due to Karma ?

Mother : If not, to what else ? Don’t you see the scavenger carrying the tub on his head ?

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