Conversation Holy Mother II – God-realisation and Divine Grace

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Conversation Holy Mother II – God-realisation and Divine Grace Back

God-realisation and Divine Grace

The Mother and I were engaged in conversation in the evening.

Disciple : Mother, one gets spiritual realization at any time if the grace of God descends on him. Then he does not have to wait for the right time.

Mother: That is true ; but can the mango which ripens out of season be as sweet as the one which ripens in the month of Jaishtha, that is, the proper season ? Men are trying to get fruits out of season. You see, nowadays one gets mangoes and jack-fruits even in the month of Asvin (autumn). But these are not as sweet as those found in the proper season. This is also true of the efforts that lead to God-realization. Perhaps you practise some Japa and austerities in this life; in the next life you may
intensify the spiritual mood and in the following life you advance further.

Referring to one’s attaining spiritual realization suddenly, the Mother said, ” God has the nature of a child. One man does not ask for it, yet He gives it to him, whereas another man asks for it and God will not give it to him. It is all His whim.”

• • •

Another day while the Holy Mother was seated on her porch preparing betel-leaf, I said to her, ” In future, how many will practise spiritual disciplines to propitiate you ! ” Mother said with a smile, ” What do you say ! All will say, Ah, the Mother had such a gout, she used to limp like this !”

Disciple: You may say that.

Mother: That’s good. That is why the Master used to say when he was lying ill at the Cossipore garden, Those who came to me expecting some earthly gain have disappeared saying, ‘ Ah, he is an Incarnation of God! How can he be ill ? This is all Maya.’ But those who are my own ‘, have been suffering a great deal in seeing this misery…


Year 1910

On the day previous to my initiation I said to the Holy Mother, ” Mother, I want to be initiated.”

Mother said. ” Have you not been initiated ? ” I answered in the negative. ” I thought that you had been initiated,” she said. After initiating me, she blessed me, saying, ” May your body and mind become pure by repeating the name of God ! “

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