Conversation Holy Mother II – Vanity and monastic life

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Vanity and monastic life

Mother: Yes, that is true. A monk may become very vain. He may think, ‘ See, He does not bow down before me, and so on,'(Pointing to her own white cloth1) One should rather live thus (meaning possessed of inner renunciation). Gaur Siromani took to the monastic life in his old age when his sense-organs had become dull. Is it possible, my child, to get rid of vanity – vanity of beauty, vanity of virtue, vanity of knowledge and vanity of a holy life ?

1 The white cloth is the symbol of the householder whereas the monks put on ochre clothes.

Gaur Siromani was an outstanding holy man of the Vaishnava sect. He visited the Holy Mother in Brindavan.

The Holy Mother exhorted me to make ready for the life of renunciation. ” Go home,” said she,and tell your brothers once and for all, ‘ I will not accept any job; I will not be a slave to anyone since my mother is dead ; I will not do anything of that sort. You be happy with your householder’s duties.’ “

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