Conversation Holy Mother II – Ecstatic love and God-realization

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Ecstatic love and God-realization

Referring to ecstatic love, the Mother said, ” Did the cowherd boys of Brindavan get Sri krishna as their ‘own’ through Japa or meditation ? They realized Him through ecstatic love. They used to say to Him, as to an intimate friend, ‘ Come here, O Krishna! Eat this ! Take this! ‘ “

Disciple: How can one yearn for God without seeing the manifestation of His love ?

Mother: Yes, you can do so. There lies the grace of God.


December, 1909

It was about nine n the morning. The Holy Mother had been preparing betel-leaves when I came to see her. Soon we were engaged in conversation.

Disciple : Mother, I have seen and heard so much; still I cannot recognize you as my ‘ own mother ‘.

Mother: Otherwise why should you come here so often? You will know your ‘ own mother ‘ in proper time!

After a while I said to her, referring to my own parents and brothers, ” My parents brought me up. I do not know where they are now (after their death), or how they live. Please give your blessings that my brothers may have good tendencies.”

Mother: Do most people ever want God ? There are so many people in this very family ; but do all want the Lord ?

After a few minutes she said to me, ” Don’t worry. Don’t lead a married life. What should you fear if you are a celibate ? Wherever you may live, you will be free.”

Disciple : But, Mother, I have fear.

Mother: No, have no fear. All depends upon the will of the Master.

Disciple: The mind is the whole thing. If it be in a pure state, it does not matter where I live. Please see, Mother, that my mind always remains pure.

Mother: May it be so !

It was the birthday of the Holy Mother. A few days before, Prabodh Babu had come to Jayrambati and given five rupees to the brothers of the Holy Mother for special worship on her birthday. The Mother said to them, ” You are not to do anything special today. I shall wear a new cloth ; the Master will be worshipped with a sweet-offering and I shall partake of it later on. That’s all for this occasion.”

After the worship in the shrine, the Holy Mother sat on her couch with her feet hanging down. She had put on a new piece of cloth. Prabodh Babu offered some flowers at her feet. I stood on the porch near the door. The Mother said to me, ” What ? Won’t you offer some flowers? Here they are. Take them.” Then I also offered flowers at her feet. We enjoyed a sumptuous feast at midday and afterwards Prabodh Babu left for Calcutta; but as I was indisposed, I remained at Jayrambati.

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