Conversation Holy Mother II – Reasoning and God-realization

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Reasoning and God-realization Back

Reasoning and God-realization

It was the evening of the following day. I was talking to the Mother in her room. She was lying on her bed.
The conversation drifted to the Vedanta. I said to her, ” Nothing exists in the world except name and form. It cannot be proved that matter exists. Therefore the conclusion is that God and such other things do not exist.”

My idea was that such things as the Master and the Holy Mother were also illusory. She at once understood my thought and said, ” Narendra once said to me, ‘ Mother, the knowledge that explains away the lotus feet of the Guru is nothing but ignorance. What is the validity of knowledge if it proves that the Guru is naught ? ‘ Give up this dry discussion, this hodgepodge of philosophy. Who has been able to know God by reasoning ? Even Siva and sages like Suka -and Vyasa are like big ants at the most.”

Disciple: I want to know. I understand a little too. How can one stop reasoning ?

Mother : Reasoning does not disappear as long as one has not attained to perfect knowledge.

I asked her about Japa and other spiritual practices. The Mother said, ” Through these spiritual disciplines the ties of past Karma are cut asunder. But realization of God cannot be achieved without ecstatic love (Prema Bhakti) for Him. Do you know the significance of Japa and other spiritual practices ? By these, the power of the sense-organs is subdued.’

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