Conversation Holy Mother II – Renunciation and God-realization

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Renunciation and God-realization Back

Renunciation and God-realization

I began to weep. The Mother then said to me with
great tenderness, “My child, please do not weep. You are a living God. Who is able to renounce all for His sake ? Even the injunctions of Destiny are cancelled if one takes refuge in God. Destiny strikes off with her own hand what she has written about such a person. What does a man become by realizing God ? Does he get two horns ? No. What happens is, he develops discrimination between the real and the unreal, gets spiritual consciousness, and goes beyond life and death. God is realized in spirit. How else can one see God ? Has God talked to anybody devoid of ecstatic fervour ? One sees God in spiritual vision, talks to Him, and establishes relationship with Him in spirit.”

Disciple: No, Mother. There is something
else besides. One gets a direct vision of the spirit.

Mother: That Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) alone had. The Master kept with himself the key to Narendra’s liberation. What else is spiritual life besides praying to the Master, repeating his name, and contemplating on him ? (With a smile) And the Master ? What is there after all in him ? He is our own eternally !

Disciple : Mother, please see that I realize the right thing – just that Sri Ramakrishna is our own !

Mother: Must I repeat it? (Firmly) You will -certainly realize it. Certainly.

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