Conversation Holy Mother I – Utility of work

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Utility of work

The Mother replying said, ” One must do some work. Through work alone one can remove the bondage of work,not by avoiding work. Total detachment comes later on. One should not be without work even for a moment.

After the meal the Mother was resting for a while. She lay down on the bed. All the devotees were eager to do her some personal service. But she asked them all to take some rest. They all therefore went away to their respective places as they had various things to attend to. I remained there with an old widow who was a contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna. I was massaging the Mother’s body. The widow sat by her side and began to narrate the various incidents of her family life. Mother! ” said she,” you always excuse my shortcomings, but my people are so exacting.” I asked her if she had seen Sri Ramakrishna. Yes, dear,” she replied. I have seen him. He often visited our place. The Holy Mother was quite young at that time.”

Devotee: Please tell us something about Sri Ramakrishna.

Widow : Not I. Ask the Mother to tell us something about him.

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