Conversation Holy Mother II – Need of initiation

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The need of initiation

Referring to initiation by Mantra, I said to her,” Mother, what’s the need of taking the Mantra from a teacher ?

Suppose a man does not repeat his Mantra ; will it not do for him if he simply repeats, ‘ Mother Kali, Mother Kali ‘ ? “

Mother: The Mantra purifies the body. Man becomes pure by repeating the Mantra of God. Listen to a story. One day Narada went to Vaikuntha to see the Lord and had a long conversation with Him. Narada had not, at that time, been initiated. After Narada left the place, the Lord said to Lakshmi, ” Purify the place with cow-dung.” ” Why, Lord ? asked Lakshmi. “Narada is your great devotee. Why, then, do you say this ?” The Lord said, ” Narada has not, as yet, received his initiation. The body cannot be pure without initiation.”

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