Conversation Holy Mother I – Control of mind and God-realization

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Conversation Holy Mother I – Control of mind and God-realization Back

Control of mind and God-realization

My child, this mind is just like a wild elephant. It races with the wind. Therefore one should discriminate all the time. One should work hard for the realization of God. What a wonderful mind I had at that time! Somebody used to play on the flute at night at Dakshineswar. As I listened to the sound, my mind would be extremely eager for the realization of God. I thought the sound was coming directly from God, and I would enter into Samadhi. I experienced the same ecstasy at Belur also. The place was then very peaceful and I was constantly in a mood of meditation. Therefore Naren (Swami Vivekananda) intended to build a house there for me. The land on which this house stands was given by Kedar Das. But now the price of land has soared high; it is impossible to purchase a place now. All this has been done through the grace of God.

Just at that time, Maku, her niece, entered the room, with her child in her arms, and left the boy there, saying, ” Mother, what shall I do ? He does not sleep at all.” The Mother said, ” The child has the quality of Sattva, therefore he does not sleep.”

The Mother had been suffering terribly from the pain caused by pimples. At her bidding I rubbed her with medicated oil.

* * *

One day the Mother was seated upstairs in the northern porch of her house. She was still suffering terribly from pimples, which were persisting for so many days. She said that it was because of several devotees touching her and their sins being transferred to her in the form of illness. The conversation then turned to Sri Rama-krishna.

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