Conversation Holy Mother I – Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna

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Conversation Holy Mother I – Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna Back

3rd September, 1918

Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna

I was in indifferent health for a few days. When I felt better, I went to see the Holy Mother one evening. In the course of conversation the Mother began to speak of Sri Ramakrishna.

Mother: (To me) What a good time of it we had had yesterday ! Sarala read about Sri Ramakrishna. How fine his teachings were ! How could we know then that things would take this turn! What a great soul was born! How many people are illumined by his words ! He was the embodiment of Bliss itself. All the twenty-four hours of the day were devoted to devotional music, merriment, laughter, teaching and story-telling. So far as I remember, I never saw him worried by anything. Often he would tell me nice words of advice. If I had known how to write, I would have noted them down. Well, Sarala, please read something today.

Sarala began to read from the Kathamrita , the Bengali original of the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

Do you notice those words,” said the Mother, which he addressed to Rakhal’s father, – A good apple tree begets only good apples ‘? In this way he would satisfy him. When he would come to Dakshi-neswar, Sri Ramakrishna would carefully feed him with delicious things. He was afraid lest he should take the boy away. Rakhal had a step-mother. When the father came there, he would say to Rakhal, ‘Show him everything. Take good care of him.’ ” Sarala was now reading about Brinde, the maidservant. The Mother said, ” She was by no means an easy woman. A fixed number of Luchis was set aside for her tiffin. She would be extremely abusive if that was found wanting. She would say, ‘ Look at these sons of gentlemen 1 They have eaten my share also. I do not get even a little of sweets.’ Sri Ramakrishna was afraid lest those words should reach the ears of the young devotees. One day, early in the morning, he came to the Nahabat and said, Well, I have given to others Brinde’s Luchis. Please prepare some for her. Otherwise she would indulge in abuses. One must avoid wicked persons.’ As soon as Brinde came, I said to her, Well, Brinde, there is no tiffin for you to-day. I am just preparing Luchis.’ She said, ‘ That’s all right. Please do not take the trouble. You may give me raw food-stuffs/ I gave her flour, butter, potato and other vegetables.” After finishing a chapter, Sarala went away to attend on Golap-Ma who was ill.

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