Conversation Holy Mother I – Spiritual practice and realization of God

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Conversation Holy Mother I – Spiritual practice and realization of God Back

Spiritual practice and realization of God

Another day I had been to the Holy Mother’s place when a monk came and Prostrated before her. He said, “Mother, why does the mind become so restless every now and then ? Why can’t I constantly meditate on you? Many worthless thoughts disturb my mind. Useless things we can easily obtain if we simply want them. Shall I never realize the Lord ? Mother, please tell me how I can attain peace. Nowadays seldom have I visions. What is the use of this life if I cannot realize Him ? It is better to die than to lead such a worthless life.”

Mother: What are you talking of, my child ? Do not even think of such things. Can one have the vision of God every day ? Sri Ramakrishna used to say, ” Does an angler catch a big carp every day the moment he sits with his rod ? Arranging everything about him, he sits with the rod and concentrates. Once in a while a big carp swallows the hook. Many a time he is disappointed. Don’t relax the practices for that reason. Do more Japa (repetition of the Name of God).

Yogin-Ma : Yes, that is true. The Name is identical with Brahman. Even if the mind be not concentrated at the outset, you will succeed ultimately.

Monk: Please tell me, Mother, how many times I should repeat the Name, That may help me to get concentration.

Mother: Ten thousand times, or even twenty thousand times, or as many times as you can.

Monk : One day, Mother, I was kneeling in the shrine and weeping, when I suddenly saw you standing by my side. You said to me, ” What do you want ? ” ” I want your grace, Mother,” I replied, ” as you bestowed it on king Suratha.” 1 Then I added, ” No, Mother, that was done by you as Durga. I do not care for that form. I want to see you as you are at present.” With a smile you disappeared. My mind became all the more restless. Now nothing satisfies me. Often I think, ” If I cannot realize Her, then what is the use of this life ? “

Mother: Why are you so restless, my child ? Why don’t you stick on to what you have got. Always remember, ” I have at least a Mother, if none else.” Do you remember those words of Sri Ramakrishna ? He said he would reveal himself to all that take shelter under him, – reveal himself at least on their last day. He will draw all unto Him.

Monk: I have been staying with a householder who is a great devotee. His wife comes from a very aristocratic family. She spends much money for me.

Mother: Ask her not to spend much money for you. The money of the devoted householders is for the benefit of the monks. Their money enables the monks to stay at a place for four months together during the rainy season. It is very inconvenient for them to go out (at that time) for begging.The monk prostrated himself before the Mother and left the room.

1. The reference is to the story contained in the Devimahat-mya, a great devotional text of the Mother cult, in which a king named Suratha and a, merchant named Samadhi, both exiles from home and country, worship the Divine Mother and receive Her grace.

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