Conversation Holy Mother I – On Swami Premenanda

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29th July, 1918

On Swami Premenanda

Swami Premananda, a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, passed away in the evening. I went to see the Mother at dusk.

The Mother said, ” Come in, my child. Take your seat. Today my Baburam (Swami Prema-nanda) has passed away. I have been weeping since morning.” She again burst into tears. Continuing she said* ” Baburam was dearest to my heart. The strength, devotion, reason and all the virtues of the Belur Math were embodied in him. He was the very light of the Math. His mother was a poor woman. She inherited her father’s property. She became a little proud of it. She herself confessed it to me and said, ‘ I had some gold ornaments and I thought of the world as a mere mud-puddle.* She left behind four children. The fifth one she lost before her own death.”

After a while I saw the Holy Mother placing her head at the feet of the picture of Sri Ramakrishna hung on the southern wall of the room and uttering in a heart-rending voice, ” Lord, you have taken away my Baburam ! ” I could hardly restrain my tears.

Golap-Ma was also seriously ill with blood dysentery. She was almost on her death-bed.

30th July, 1918

It was half past seven in the evening. The Holy Mother was seated in the shrine room. This day, too, her conversation turned on the late Swami Prema-nanda. She said, ” My child, in the body of Baburam there was neither flesh nor blood after his last illness. It was a mere skeleton.” Chandra Babu came to the room and joined in our talk. He told the Mother that some devotees gave sandal-wood, butter, flowers, incense, etc., worth four or five hundred rupees for the cremation of the Swami’s body. The Mother remarked, ” Their money is, indeed, blessed. They have spent it for a devotee. God has given them abundantly and will give them more.” Chandra Babu left the room.

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