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The meaning of misery

The Mother said, ” Everybody says regretfully’ ‘ There is so much misery in the world. We have prayed so much to God, but still there is no end of misery.’ But misery is only the gift of God. It& is the symbol of His compassion. Is it not so ? “

That day my mind had been greatly troubled. Did she really know it and therefore address those words to me ? The Mother continuing said, “Who has not suffered from misery in this world ? Brinde, the woman devotee of Krishna, said to him, ‘ Who says that you are compassionate ? In your incarnation as Rama you made Sita weep for you all through her life. And in this incarnation of Krishna, Radha has been weeping on your account. Your parents suffered extreme agony in the prison of Kamsa and cried day and night uttering your name. Then why do I repeat your name ? It is because your name removes all fear of death.’ “

Referring to a woman, the Holy Mother said, ” People of that appearance are generally devoid of Bhakti, devotion to God. I have heard it from Sri Ramakrishna.”

Devotee : Yes, Mother, I have read in the Kathamrita 1 that he used to say that people who are not frank cannot make real spiritual progress.

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