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Her responsibility as Guru

Once, on hearing from the Holy Mother that she would pass away soon, a devotee felt much dejected, thinking that he would be helpless after her time. To encourage him she said : ” Do you think that even if this body passes away, I can have any release unless every one of those, whose responsibility I have taken on myself, is out of bondage ? I must constantly live with them. I have taken complete charge of everything, good or bad, regarding them. Is it a trifle to give initiation? What a tremendous responsibility have we to accept! How much anxiety have we to suffer for them ! Just see ! Your father is dead, and that at once made me feel worried about you. I thought, ‘ How is it that the Master is again putting him to test?’ That you may come out of this ordeal is my constant prayer. For this reason I gave you all this advice. Can you understand everything I say ? If you could do so, that would lighten my worries to a great extent. Sri Rama-krishna is playing with his different children in diverse ways, but I have to bear the brunt of it. I cannot simply set aside those whom I have accepted as my own.”

* * *

Service of great souls and its dangers

Speaking of the transgressions of the attendants serving great souls, the Holy Mother said, ” You see, one may commit a fault while serving a great soul. It happens in this way : while he enjoys the privilege of such service, his egotism increases. He then wants to control, like a doll, the person he serves. He wants to boss the latter in everything – eating, sitting or rising. He loses the spirit of service. But why should it be so with those who serve their superiors, forgetting their own comforts and looking upon the latter’s pleasure and pain as their own ? And you are talking of the downfall of the attendants ! Many great souls surround themselves with riches and splendour. This attracts many to come to them as attendants. Such attendants become intoxicated with the enjoyment of their position and so they pave the way for their own ruin. Tell me how many there are who can render service in proper spirit.” Then the Mother explained it with a parable. She said, ” You see, the reflection of the moon falls on the water of the lake. At this the small minnows jump about in ecstatic joy, thinking that the moon reflected in the water is really one of them. But when the moon sets, they remain as before. After exhausting themselves in glee, they fall into a state of depression. They cannot understand what it is all about.”

* * *

Good works and auspicious time

Once a disciple wanted to take his mother to
Banaras on a pilgrimage, but she did not agree to it because the time was not auspicious. He spoke
about it to the Holy Mother. In reply she said, ” My child, they say that pilgrimage to holy places at an improper time destroys the merit of previous pious acts. But this also is true : One should carry out all pious intentions as early as possible.”

The disciple could not grasp the meaning of these statements, which apparently had a twofold significance. Seeing his confusion, she said, ” In the opinion of worldly men, it is not proper to visit a holy place at an inauspicious time. It is true that one may put off such a pious intention, considering the impropriety of the time, but death does not make any distinction of time. As none knows when death may come, one should carry out pious intentions whenever the opportunity presents itself, without waiting for a particular time.”

Dont be overconfident

One day a disciple said to the Mother, ” Mother, no bad ideas come to my mind.” With a start she stopped him and said, ” Don’t say that. One must not say such a thing.’

Nalini and some other girls, after some argument, said to the Holy Mother, ” Well aunt what kind of false rumour (Apavada) is good ? ” The Mother said, ” How can there be good or bad regarding a false rumour ? ” After a little conversation she said, ” But I think a false rumour about wealth is good. If someone is told, ‘ You are quite rich,’ he feels very happy inwardly, however much he may show humility or discomfort outwardly.” Then the Holy Mother added, ” Well, we have had enough of it. Now can you tell me what one should desire of God ? ” ” Why, aunt,” said Naiini, ” one should desire for divine knowledge, devotion and such other things that make one happy in the world.” The Mother said, ” In one word, one should desire of God desire-lessness. For desire alone is at the root of all suffering. It is the cause of repeated births and deaths. It is the obstacle in the way of liberation.”

* * *

Love,Divine and human

A woman devotee told the Mother about her misunderstanding with a friend. At this the Mother replied. “If you love any human being you will have to suffer for it. He is blessed, indeed, who can love God alone. There is no suffering in loving God.”

* * *

An orthodox woman disciple once said to the Holy Mother, ” Mother, I was surprised to see the young widows at your place partaking of dishes prohibited for them in our part of the country. Society objects to it.”

Social customs and spiritual aspirants

Mother: You see, the fact is, these are social matters and they vary in different parts of the country. In our part, young widows are allowed greater latitude in the matter of food and wearing of jewellery. They naturally desire these things. If they are not allowed to eat delicacies publicly, they will eat them stealthily. But in case they are first shown some leniency, and gradually allowed to know that they are doing something against the social injunction, they may give it up of their own accord …. But don’t let your mind be disturbed over these trivial details. That will make you forget the Master. Whatever people may say, remember the Master and do what you consider to be right. The Master used to say, ” Look upon people as worms.” But that does not apply to all. It applies only to vilifiers and people of sordid tendencies.

* * *


The last time the Holy Mother was at Jayrambati, _ . the Brahmin woman cook came to her at about nine o’clock in the evening and said, Mother, I have touched a dog. I must bathe.” The Mother said, ” It is now late in the evening. Don’t bathe. It is enough to wash your hands and feet and change your cloth.” The cook said, ” Oh! that won’t do.”

The Mother said, ” Then sprinkle some Ganges water on your body.” That also did not satisfy the cook. At last the Mother said to her, ” Then touch me.”

* * *

On vigilance

The Mother once said, ” You see, whenever you go from one place to another, observe the things around you, and also keep yourself well informed about what happens in the place where you live. But keep your lips shut.”

* * *

On facing difficulties

One day the Mother said to a disciple, ” You see, my son, it is not a fact that you will never face dangers. Difficulties always come but they do not last for ever. You will see that they pass away like water under a bridge.”

* * *

On good speech

One day at Jayrambati someone used harsh words when speaking to Radhu’s insane mother. At this the Holy Mother
remarked, “One should not hurt others even by words. One must not speak even an unpleasant truth unnecessarily. By indulging in rude words one’s nature becomes rude. One’s sensitivity is lost if one has no control over one’s speech. The Master used to say,’ One should not ask a lame person how he became lame.’ “

Showing respect to all

One morning, while the Holy Mother was rubbing her body with oil, someone was sweeping the courtyard. After the
work was done, that person threw the broomstick aside. At this the Mother said, “What is this? You have thrown away the broomstick with such disrespect when the work is done. It takes only the same length of time to put it gently in a corner as it does to throw it aside. One should not trifle with a thing, though it may be very insignificant. If you respect a thing, the thing also respects you. Will you not again need that broomstick ? Besides, it is also a part of this family. From that standpoint also it deserves to be treated with respect. Even a broomstick should be treated with respect. One should perform even an insignificant work with respect.”

* * *

The sanctity of the head

One day Mini, the pet cat of Radhu, was lying on one side of the courtyard. A woman devotee was caressing it with her foot. Gradually she placed her foot on its head. At this the Mother said to her, O my child, what are you doing ? The head is the place of the Guru. One should not touch the head with the foot. Salute the cat.” The woman devotee said, 1 never knew that. Today I have learnt a lesson.”


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