Conversation Holy Mother III – On the Master

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His devotion to truth

The Mother once observed, ” How devoted the Master was to truth ! Alas, we cannot follow his example. The Master used to say that truth alone is Tapasya (austerity) in the Iron Age (Kali Yuga). One attains to God by sticking to truth.”

His divinity

Referring to the Master, the Mother once told a devotee, ” Really and truly he was God Himself. He assumed this human body to remove the sorrows and sufferings of others. He moved about in disguise, as a king walks through his city. He disappeared the moment he became known.”

* * *

The Mother lived for some time in a rented house at Bosepara in Baghbazar for the treatment of Radhu. A disciple was also there to render personal service to the Mother. One day the Mother asked her (the disciple) to give the food-offering to the Master, but the disciple did not know the proper Mantra and other procedure. Shelsaid to the Mother, I do not know how to offer food to the Master.” The Mother said to her, Look here, regard the Master as your own and pray to him, saying, ‘ Come here, take your seat and eat your food.’ Further, think that he has come, has taken his seat, and is eating his meal. Does one really need a Mantra for serving one who is one’s own ? It is like receiving one’s relatives as guests. The Master will accept your worship in whatever way you perform it.” The
Mother, however, taught the disciple a Mantra with which to offer food to the Master.

* * *

Prayer to the Master

By way of consoling a young mother who had lost her only daughter, the Holy Mother once said: ” My daughter, what can I tell you ? I do not know anything myself. Keep a picture of the Master before you, and know for certain that he is always with you. Open your grief-stricken heart to him. Shed tears and sincerely pray, ‘ O Lord, draw me towards you, give me peace of mind.’ By doing so constantly you will gradually attain peace of mind. Have devotion for the Master, and whenever you are in distress, speak it out to him.”

* * *

Prayer to the Master and attainment of ecstatic love

One evening Sister Sudhira and a girl disciple were seated near the Mother. The Master and said to them, “He who has really prayed to the Master,even once, has nothing to fear. By praying to him constantly one gets ecstatic love (Prema Bhakti) through his grace. This Prema, my child, is the innermost thing of spiritual life. The Gopis of Brindavan attained to it. They were not aware of anything else in the world excepting Sri Krishna. A line in one of Nilakantha’s songs says, * One should cherish with great care this precious jewel of Prema.’ ” The Mother sang the song. Then she added, ” Ah, how sweet are Nilakantha’s songs!

The Master loved them dearly. When he lived at Dakshineswar, Nilakantha used to come there now and then and sing for him. How happy we were there ! How many people of different temperaments used to come to him ! Dakshineswar at that time appeared to us as the mart of bliss.”

* * *

Mantra and worship

A woman devotee once asked the Holy Mother, ” Mother, many people regularly worship Siva. Can we also do so ? ” In reply the Holy Mother said, ” The Mantra that I have given you contains everything. Through that you can worship Durga, Kali and all gods and goddesses. But if one likes, one can learn the worship of Siva. You don’t need it. It only adds to one’s worries.”

The Holy Mother was asked about the procedure of offering food to the Master. She said, ” There is no need of following rituals in offering food to the Master. The Mantra one gets from one’s Guru is enough for everything.”

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