Conversation Holy Mother III – On Karma

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God, Karma and suffering

A disciple once asked the Holy Mother, ” If God be the father and mother of all, then why does He make us commit sin ? “

Mother : No doubt, God alone has become all these
creatures, animate and inanimate, but in the relative world all beings act and suffer according to their past Karma and innate tendencies. The sun is, no doubt, one but his manifestation differs according to objects and places. . . .

Disciple: If everything happens according to the will of God, then why does He not annul the law of Karma ?

Mother: Yes, if He wills, He can shorten the period of evolution. But we do not know His will. Even Sri Ramakrishna himself had to suffer from this law of Karma. One day his elder brother, being in a state of delirium, was about to drink water, which had been forbidden, when the Master snatched the glass from his hand. That irritated his brother who cursed him, saying, ‘ As you did not allow me to drink water, you also will be unable to eat anything during your last days.’ Sri Ramakrishna said to him.

‘ Brother, I did so for your good only, and as a result you have cursed me.’ At that his brother burst into tears and said, ‘ Well, dear, I do not know why I said so. I do not know why such words should have come out of my mouth.’ Now you see, my child, during the Master’s last illness he also had to suffer from the result of his past Karma. He could not eat anything “

Japa and mitigation of Karma

A devotee asked the Mother whether Prarabdha Karma 1 could be counteracted by the repetition of the Name of God.

Mother: One must experience the result of Prarabdha Karma. No one can escape it. But Japa or repetition of God’s holy Name minimizes its intensity. It is like the case of a man who is destined to lose his leg, but instead suffers only from the prick of a thorn in his foot.

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