Conversation Holy Mother III – The ideal of Sannyasa

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Conversation Holy Mother III – The ideal of Sannyasa Back


Safeguards in a sannyasin’s life

The Mother once said to a Sadhu:

” Sri Ramakrishna used to say, ‘ O Sadhu, beware! ‘ Sadhus should always be alert.The Path of a Sadhu is always slippery. While one is on slippery ground, one should walk tiptoe. Is it a joke to become a Sannyasin ? If one had so desired, one could have married and lived the life of a householder. Now that you have given up such intentions, the mind should not be allowed to think of these things. What has been once spat out, is not eaten again. The ochre robe of a Sadhu protects him as the collar of a dog protects it from danger. No one molests a dog with a collar, as it belongs to someone or other. All gates are open to a Sadhu. He has admission everywhere. The mind naturally tends towards evil deeds. It is lethargic in doing good works. Formerly I used to get up at 3 a.m. and sit up for meditation. One cfay I felt disinclined to do so on account of physical indisposition. That one day’s irregularity resulted in the upsetting of my routine for a number of days. That is why I tell that perseverance and tenacity are necessary for success in all good work. While I was living in the Nahabat at Dakshineswar, I used to pray in the moonlit night, O Lord, there is stain even in the moon. Let there be no stain in my mind.*”

Freedom from jealousy and attachment

A monk should be above attachment and jealousy.
He mustbe the same under all circumstances. Sri Ramakrishna used to say to Hriday, ” You must bear with me and I must bear with you ; then everything will go on well. Otherwise we shall have to summon the manager to make up our differences.”

Scholarship and monastic life

K – was talking to the Mother. He said, ” Mother, all your children are learned, but these beings (referring to the inmates of the Koalpara Ashrama) are your illiterate children. Sarat Maharaj has written books on the Master and these are everywhere spreading the Master’s message and teachings. Your other children are giving lectures. So much is being done to spread Sri Ramakrishna’s ideas.” At this the Holy Mother said, ” What do you mean ? Our Master did not know much of reading and writing. The real thing is to have devotion to God. Through you much work will be done in this part of the country. The Master was born on earth this time to liberate all, the rich and the poor, the learned and the illiterate. The Malaya breeze is blowing here. He who will unfurl his sail and take refuge in the Master will be blessed indeed. This time all trees and plants, even those having only a little stamina – excepting perhaps the bamboo and the grass – will be transformed into sandalwood by the touch of this Malaya breeze. Why should you be worried ? You are my own people. But remember this, that an educated Sadhu is like an elephant whose tusks are covered with gold.” With these words she went into the shrine room.

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