Conversation Holy Mother III – Life of Purity and Renunciation

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The glory of renunciation

A young man named Manasa came to the Holy Mother with the desire to receive initiation and the ochre robe from her. The Holy Mother gladly granted his request. That made him very happy. In the evening he was seated in the house of uncle Kali, singing songs in glorification of the Divine Mother. The Holy Mother liked those songs very much. Radhu, Maku, Nalini, one or two of her sisters-in-law and some other devotees were with her. One of her sisters-in-law said, ” She has made this young man a Sadhu.” Maku then commented, ” That’s true. See what our aunt has done. She makes these good young men embrace the monastic life. Their parents have brought them up with great suffering to themselves. All their expectations are centred round their children. What all hopes they would have entertained about them ! All these are now shattered. And what will this young man do now ? Either he will go to Rishikesh and beg his food, or he will clean the dirt and filth of the sick in the hospital. Why ? To marry and settle down in life is also a form of religion. Well, aunt, if you thus
make these young men Sadhus, Mahamaya will be angry with you. If they want to be Sadhus, let them be so of themselves. Why should you be instrumental to their embracing the monastic life ? ” The Holy Mother said to her in reply, ” Look here, Maku, these are all divine children. They will live in the world immaculate like unsmelt flowers. What can be nicer than that ? You have seen for yourself what kind of happiness worldly life can give ? What have you learned from me all these days ! Why so much attraction for worldly life ? Why so much animal propensity ? What sort of happiness do you derive from it ? Can you not even conceive in dream a pure ideal of life? Can’t you live with your husband even now as brother and sister ? Why this desire to lead a piggish life ? This misery of the world has been gnawing into my bones.” All present there were very much moved by the Holy Mother’s appeal. Continuing she added, ” An unmarried person who leads a pure life will advance towards Him with rapid strides, whether he prays to Him or not. The others, being tied hands and feet, find it difficult to extricate themselves from the bondage of worldliness, even though they try to think of God.”

* * *

Advice to a monk’s mother

One day the mother of a monk requested the Holy Mother to ask her son to go Backto worldly life. The Holy Mother replied to her, ” It is a rare good fortune to be the mother of a monk.

People cannot give up attachment even to a brass pot. Is it an easy thing to renounce the world ? You are his mother. Why should you worry ? Though he has become a Sadhu, he will look after you.”

* * *

Exhortation to a wavering aspirant

Once a young disciple of the Mother received an unexpected marriage proposal from the house of a very wealthy man. He was offered a large sum of money, which could for ever remove his pecuniary wants. The young man, after having passed his M.A. examination, had become the headmaster of a school. His mind was not altogether free from desire for enjoyments. Therefore he sounded the Holy Mother to know what her opinion was about his marriage. Hearing everything, the Mother said, ” My child, you are quite all right. Why do you desire to be burnt in the fire of worldliness ? You are doing good work. Through your help many boys are receiving education. These students will benefit by association with you and grow into good men ; that will be meritorious for you also.” But the young man said, ” Mother, my mind becomes restless now and then. It craves for enjoyments. That frightens me.” The Mother said, ” Don’t be afraid. I tell you that in this Kali Yuga mental sin is no sin. Free your mind from all worries on this account. You need not be afraid.” After hearing this assurance of the Holy Mother, the devotee never again thought of marriage,
nor did he allow his mind to be ruffled by momentary impulses.

* * *

Monastic life and household life

A woman devotee said to her, ” Mother, all your children must be the same to you. But if one writes asking your opinion about his marriage, you permit him to marry ; and again, if another wants to renounce the world, you give him a different type of instruction glorifying the life of renunciation. Is it not rather your duty to lead everyone along the best path ? ” The Mother said to her, ” Suppose a man has intense desire for enjoyment. Do you think he will listen to me, if I forbid him to enjoy that desire ? Again, suppose a man, as a result of his many meritorious actions in past births, has understood all these as freaks of Maya and regards God as the only real thing. Should I not help him a little ? Is there any end of suffering in this life of the world ? ”

* * *

To a woman disciple, whose son was refusing to marry, the Holy Mother said : ” Ah, all boys nowadays say that they do not want to marry. But, you see, those who belong to a very high plane of existence alone can take to the monastic life and free themselves from all bondages. Again there are some who are born to have a little taste of this worldly life. I say that one should see through worldly enjoyments. But it is quite a different thing with the disciples and companions of the Master.”

Marriage or renunciation

Disciple: Mother, he (i.e. the disciple’s son) is your son. His future happiness or suffering rests with you. Do whatever you like with him.

Mother : I say, let him marry and finish all enjoyments in this life ; otherwise there is no knowing when he may fall a victim to some unfulfilled desires. But you may be sure of this, that so long as he remains under the Master’s protection he can never slip. You need not at all worry yourself on this account. I have given him a Mantra which the Master had communicated to me, and through which one reaches perfection. Can he ever come to grief ?

* * *

In praise of internal renunciation

A disciple asked the Mother, ” The Master said that those who would accept him as their spiritual ideal would not be born again. Again Swamiji said that no liberation is possible without being initiated into Sannyasa. What, then, will be the way out for the householders ? ”

The Mother said in reply, ” Yes, what the Master said is true, and what Swamiji said is also equally true. The householders have no need of external renunciation. They will spontaneously get the internal renunciation. But some people need external renunciation. Why should you be afraid ? Surrender yourself to the Master and always remember that he stands behind.”

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