Conversation Holy Mother III – Work and Meditation

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Combine work with meditation

The conversation went on until late at night. A disciple said to the Mother, ” K – says to us, ‘ Labour hard to fulfil your duties, and then you will achieve everything as ordained by God.’ ” The Holy Mother said in reply, ” No doubt, you must do your duties. It keeps one’s mind in good condition. But it is also very necessary to practise Japa, meditation and prayer. One must practise these disciplines at least in the morning and the evening. Such practice is like the rudder of a boat. When a person sits in the evening for prayer, he can reflect on the good and bad things he did in the course of the day. Then he should compare the mental state of that day with that of the previous one. Next, while performing, Japa he should meditate on his Chosen Ideal. In meditation he should first think of the face of his Chosen Deity, but he should meditate on the entire body from the feet upward. Unless you practise meditation in the morning and evening side by side with your work, how can you know whether you are doing the desirable or undesirable thing ? “

Dangers of an exclusive life of meditation

The disciple said, ” Some say that one achieves nothing through work. One can succeed in spiritual life only through Japa and meditation.”‘

The Mother said in reply, ” How have they known as to what will give success and what will not ? Does one achieve everything by practising Japa and meditation for a few days ? Nothing whatsoever is achieved unless Mahamaya clears the path. Didn’t you notice the other day that a person’s brain became deranged, because he forced himself to excessive prayer and meditation ? If one’s head becomes deranged, one’s life becomes useless. The intelligence of man is very precarious. It is like the thread of a screw. If one thread is loosened, then he goes crazy. Or he becomes entangled in the trap of Mahamaya and thinks himself to be very intelligent. He feels that he is quite all right. But if the screw is tightened in a different direction, one follows the right path and enjoys peace and happiness. One should always recollect God and pray to him for right understanding. How many are there who can meditate and practise Japa all the time? At first they earnestly practise these disciplines, but like N – their brains become heated in the long run by sitting constantly on their prayer rugs. They become very vain. They also suffer from mental worries by reflecting on different things. It is much better to work than to allow the mind to roam at large. For when the mind gets a free scope to wander, it creates much confusion. My Naren (Swami Vivekananda) thought of these things and wisely founded institutions where people would do disinterested work.” Referring to N – , the Holy Mother again said, ” You see how he has made his mind impure by constantly sitting in one place ? His fads and obsessions are constantly increasing. He always complains of mental worries. Why should there be so much worry ? Can’t all these experiences make him sensible ? “

Work as sacred as austerities

A disciple, who lived with the Holy Mother at her bidding, used always to be busy with worship in the chapel and other duties. Hearing that some monks of the Belur Math were going out to practise Tapasya (austerities), he said to the Mother, “I •don’t think it is good for me to be busy with all these duties. I want to practise austerities. Please give me your permission.” The Mother said, ” Why so, my child? You are now doing my work. You are devoting yourself to the Master’s work. Are these in any way less spiritual than austerities? Why should you then abandon these works ? If at any time you feel a strong inclination to practise austerities, you may go away for a month or two.”

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