Conversation Holy Mother III – Earnestness in spiritual life

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Conversation Holy Mother III – Earnestness in spiritual life Back

Absence of earnestness in spiritual life

One day the Holy Mother received many letters from her devotees. In the evening the disciple read those letters to her. After hearing the contents,
the Mother said, Do you notice how many different desires have been expressed by these children ? Some write, We have been practising so much of Japa, meditation and prayer, but we are not achieving anything.’ Again others write about their sufferings and sorrows, their poverty and worries in the world. I cannot listen to these any more. I always pray to the Master, saying, ‘O Lord, please do protect them always here and hereafter.’ What else can I, their mother, pray for? But how many are there who truly want to realize God ? Where is that earnestness ? They, no doubt, profess great devotion and longing, but they feel satisfied when, they get even a tiny bit of enjoyment. They say, ‘ Ah, how kind is God ! ‘ Some devotees write to me inquiring about Radhu. Before anything else they ask about Radhu, only to humour me. No one will even cast a look at her after I finally close my eyes.”

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