Conversation Holy Mother III – Need of spiritual discipline

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Conversation Holy Mother III – Need of spiritual discipline Back

A monastic disciple asked the Holy Mother,

Mother, does one who has been blessed by you as Guru need any spiritual discipline ? “

The need of spiritual disciplines

Mother: That is true. But the real point is this : the room may contain different kinds of food-stuff, but one must cook them. He who cooks earlier gets his meal earlier too. Some eat in the morning, some others in the evening, and there are yet others who fast because they are too lazy to cook.

Disciple : Mother, I do not understand what you have said.

Mother: The more intensely a person practises spiritual disciplines, the more quickly he attains God. But even if he does not practise any spiritual disciplines, he will attain Him in the end – surely he will. Only he who spends his time idly, without practising prayer and meditation, will take a long time to attain Him. You have renounced the world to practise spiritual disciplines. As you cannot always do them, it is necessary for you to do work also, looking upon it as having been entrusted to you by the Master. For you, too austere a life is not advisable. You suffer from colic. Be careful about your food. It is not a fatal disease, but it is painful.

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