Conversation Holy Mother III – Aim of life

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Aim of life

Disciple : What is the aim of life ?

Mother : To realize God and to remain immersed in His contemplation. You are
Sannyasins, you are His own. He takes care of your spiritual welfare both here and hereafter. What then is there for you to worry about ? Is it possible to contemplate on God always ?Sometimes work ; at other times think of God.

Disciple: Mother, please give me your blessings that I may have deep meditation and remain absorbed in the thought of God.

She blessed me by putting her hand on my head and said, ” Always discriminate between the real and the unreal.”

Disciple: Mother, it is easy to practise discrimination in a theoretical way, but we forget it when the time comes for its actual application. It fails us at such times. Please give me power so that I can keep myself in the right path at those critical moments.

Mother: My child, may Sri Ramakrishna protect you always ! May you attain knowledge and wisdom !

Disciple : Mother, so many days have passed away* but I have realized nothing.

Mother: God has been gracious to withdraw your mind from the noise and turmoil of the world and keep it steady at His feet. Is it a trifle ? Swami Yogananda used to say, “We may not be able to practise meditation and prayer to our heart’s content, but we are free from the anxieties of the world.” Look at me. I am suffering a great deal on account of this Radhu.

Disciple: It is my desire to spend some time in spiritual exercises in the solitude of a garden.

Mother: Quite right. This is the proper time to do so. This is just the proper age for you to undergo these disciplines. You must practise them, but always be careful about your food. Swami Yogananda practised great austerity and as a result suffered much and passed away early in life.

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