Conversation Holy Mother III – Kundalini awakening and Japa

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Conversation Holy Mother III – Kundalini awakening and Japa Back

Kundalini awakening and Japa

Mother: Quite so, my child. The Kundalini will gradually be awakened. You will realize everything by the repetition of God’s Name. Even if the mind be not quiet, still you can sit at a place and repeat the holy Name a million times. Before the awakening of the Kundalini, one hears the Anahata sound ; but nothing can be achieved without the grace of the Divine Mother. In the small hours of the morning* I was thinking that perhaps I might not be able to get a vision of Siva. You know that in the temple of Banaras1 the image of Siva is very small. It is under water, covered with flowers and Bilva leaves. One can scarcely see the image. No sooner had this idea flashed in my mind than I clearly saw the stone image of Siva, of very dark hue. I at once discovered that it was Visvanath Himself whom we worship in the temple. A devotee was passing her hand over the top of the image. I also quickly put my hand on the image.

Disciple: Mother, the stone image does not satisfy us any longer.

1 This conversation took place at Banaras.

Mother: Why do you say so, my child ? How many hopeless sinners come to Banaras and attain liberation by touching the image of Siva! And He, the Great God, carries on His shoulder the iniquities of all, without any murmur.

Disciple : What kind of place is suited for spiritual practices and how should one engage oneself in them ?

Mother: Banaras is the place for you. Spiritual practices are meant to keep the mind steady at the feet of God, to keep it immersed in His thought. Repeat His Name.

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