Conversation Holy Mother III – Spiritual Practices in General

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(Being pages from the diaries of several disciples,monastic and lay)


THE following are the notes of a series of conversations that a monastic disciple had with the Holy Mother on spiritual practices in general:

Pranayama, pilgrimage and Kundalini

Disciple: Mother, is it good to practise Asanas (Yogic postures) and Pranayamas (breathing exercises) ?

Mother: These practices lead to supernatural powers, which deflect a man from the spiritual path.

Disciple: Is it good to be going about from one place of pilgrimage to another ?

Mother: If the mind feels at rest in a particular place, there is no need of pilgrimage.

Disciple : I find it impossible to meditate. Please awaken my Kundalini.

Mother : It will awaken in course of time. Do Japa and meditation. It does not rise of itself. Continuous meditation will make the mind so steady that you will not feel inclined to give it up. When the
mind is not in a mood to meditate, do not force it to do so. In such conditions, get up from the seat of meditation after making prostrations. Real meditation is of a spontaneous nature.

Disciple : Mother, why is it that the mind does not become steady? When I try to think of God, I find the mind drawn towards other objects.

Mother: It is wrong if the mind is drawn towards secular objects. By ‘ secular objects ‘ is meant money, family, etc. But it is natural for it to think of work in which one is engaged. If meditation is not possible, do Japa. Realization will come through Japa. If the meditative mood comes, well and good, but by no means do it by force.

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