Conversation Holy Mother II – Youth is the proper time

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Youth is the proper time Back

Youth is the proper time for spiritual practices

” Austerities, worship, pilgrimage, the earning of money-one should do all these in the days of youth. You see, even I had visited so many places at Banaras and Brindaban on foot in my early years, but now I need a palanquin to go even a few feet. I lean upon others. In old age the body deteriorates. It does not possess any strength. The mind loses its vigour. Is it possible to do anything at that time ? It is quite right that the young Sannyasins of our Math have been directing their mind to God from an early age. This is the right time for them to do so. (To the disciple) My child, austerities or worship, practise all these things right now. Will these things be possible later on ? Whatever you want to achieve, achieve it now ; this is the right time.”

Disciple: Lucky indeed are those who receive your blessings now. Those who come later on cannot have this rare opportunity.

Mother: What do you mean ? Do you mean to say they will not succeed ? God exists always everywhere. The Master is always there. They will succeed through his grace. Are not people of other countries making spiritual progress ?

Disciple: The mind feels longing when it knows that it is loved, but do you really love us ?

Mother: Do I not love you ? I love even those who do a little for me, and you are doing so much. Whenever I touch anything at home, I remember you. I often think of those of you who are with me, and as for those who live far away, I say to the Master, ” O Lord, please look after them. I cannot always remember them”

October, 1918

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