Conversation Holy Mother I – Sattva quality

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Sattva quality leads to renunciation

I saw the Mother one night. She was lying on her bed .Another woman was near her. She at once sat up in bed so that I might bow before her. In the course of conversation she said, ” At the time of creation, people were born with the quality of Sattva, light. They had wisdom from their very birth. Consequently they at once realized the unreal nature of the world. They renounced it and practised austerity. They were liberated in no time. The Creator found that the purpose of His creation was going to be frustrated. These wise men, who were thus liberated, were unfit for the continuance of the play of the world. Then He again started the work of creation and mixed the qualities of Rajas (activity) and Tamas (inertia) with the Sattva. Thus His purpose was fulfilled.”‘ Then she cited a popular verse bearing on the theme of creation, and said* ” In our young age we acquired these ideas from the country drama. But now these have become rare.*’ Some of the young girls, relatives of the Holy Mother, were reading loudly from a book in another room. The Mother said, ” Listen, how loudly they are reading! They have forgotten that there are many people on the ground floor.”

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