Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Monkeys Stealing the Fruits

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Monkeys Stealing the Fruits

The monkeys often stole the fruit which devotees had brought as a food offering, if the latter were not careful or were meditating. One of the attendants was entrusted with the task of receiving the fruit from the visitors. One day he was sitting with eyes closed, a basket full of fruit at his side, listening to the radio. In the meantime the monkeys were freely helping themselves to the contents of the basket. When people in the Hall tried to chase the monkeys away, Ramana joked, “When these attendants are immersed in deep meditation, the monkeys come and see to the work of the attendants. Someone has to look after the work! The attendants put the fruit into the basket, the monkeys put the fruit into their stomachs; that is all the difference. While people forget themselves while listening to the music over the radio the monkeys busy themselves in enjoying the sweet juice of the fruit. That is good, isn’t it!”

-‘Ramana Maharshi: His life’ by Gabriele Ebert,

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