Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Transgressing Official Orders

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Transgressing Official Orders: (Monkeys)

In his book ‘Moments Remembered’ V. Ganesan relates the following incident involving Krishnaswami, Bhagavan’s attendant.

Once, the monkeys played havoc in the garden and took great liberties with the visiting devotees, by relieving them of their offerings brought by them for Bhagavan! Many complaints reached the ears of the Sarvadikari Sri Niranjananda Swami, and he took immediate action by asking Krishnaswami not to feed the monkeys anymore. That day, a monkey came and sat on the window sill looking expectantly at Bhagavan for the usual prasad! Bhagavan directed His attendants to help the visitor. Krishnaswami said that the Sarvadikari had given orders, due to the intolerable mischief wrought by the monkeys. Meanwhile, the monkeys still waited (on the window sill.).

It was too much for Bhagavan to see His companion wait so long for prasad. With great emotion, He said, ‘You see! When Anjaneya found Mother Sita safe in Sri Lanka, his joy knew no bounds. In sheer joy, he destroyed the Ashoka grove and set fire to Lanka and returned happily to convey the good news to Lord Rama!’ Bhagavan continued, ‘The monkeys, out of intense joy, sometimes turn uncontrollable, pulling down branches and leaves, from trees and teasing the visitors. We should not treat this as being a ‘nuisance’ and deprive them of their rightful share of food. This is their birthplace and it is we who are outsiders. We have no right to chase them away.’

Bhagavan was so moved that He could not control His emotion. The loving concern of Bhagavan for animals moved Krishnaswami so much that he transgressed the official orders and gave a bunch of bananas to the waiting monkey.

Bhagavan beamed with a glorious smile!

(Source: Moments Remembered, Sri V. Ganesan)

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