Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Calf The Devotee

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Calf- The Devotee

After Bhagavan’s Maha Nirvana, a devotee mentioned about the incident of the devotion of a calf to Bhagavan:

In the Asramam, there was a calf that used to visit the houses of devotees of Bhagavan, in Ramana Nagar. The devotees welcomed her lovingly and gave her sweets and fruits to eat.

One day I was in Sri Ramanasramam. My friend came and told me that the calf was standing in my compound. When I heard this, I was very happy. I rushed to my house to feed the calf with fruits and sweets. As I did not see the calf in the compound of my house, thinking that she may be inside the house, I went inside the house and looked for her, but she was not to be seen. When I entered my bedroom, I saw the calf standing in front of the photograph of Bhagavan fully immersed in it. Her eyes were fixed on Bhagavan with love and devotion. She was bowing to Bhagavan with her forehead touching the photograph of Bhagavan. She had merged and become one with Bhagavan at that moment.

She did not even notice me entering the room. She was oblivious of her surroundings. Seeing the love and the devotion of the calf, I was enthralled but at the same time, I felt ashamed of myself for the lack of the same intensity of devotion that the calf had for Bhagavan. In spite of me being a human being, and in constant touch with Bhagavan, not even once had I surrendered so completely to Bhagavan!

I waited in the hall for the calf to come out of the bed room. When she came out, I fed her with sweets and fruits.

Who knows which great devotee of Bhagavan had tenanted the body of the calf? (Source: Arunachala Ramana, Volume 11)

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