Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Lucky Ones

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The Lucky Ones

This was an incident witnessed by Chhaganlal V. Yogi in Bhagavan’s Hall:

For most of the day, Bhagavan used to sit on His sofa, which was adjacent to the window. Squirrels would occasionally come in through the window and run around near Him. Bhagavan would respond to them by feeding them cashew and other food stuffs with His own hands, lovingly.

One day when Bhagavan was feeding the squirrels, a Muslim devotee, who had been watching Him, gave Him a note in which was written: ‘The squirrels are very fortunate because they are getting the food from your own hands. Your Grace is so much on them.We feel jealous of the squirrels and feel that we also should have been born as squirrels. Then it would have been very good for us.’

Bhagavan could not help laughing when He read this note.

He told the man, ‘How do you know that the Grace is not there on you also?’

And then, to illustrate His point, Bhagavan told a story:

A thief went to a saint to get his blessings so that his attempt in the robbery that night would be successful. But that night the thief was unsuccessful in robbery. Because of his failure, the thief was very angry with the saint for giving him false blessings. The saint said: ‘To be unsuccessful in bad work means that the blessings have indeed borne fruit. There are so many honest ways of feeding the stomach. You should accept any one of them. To come to this conclusion, it was necessary that you be unsuccessful in thieving job.’

The thief understood and became an honest and good man.

Having narrated the story Bhagavan asked the devotee, ‘Do you mean to say that only if everything goes according to your desire, it is possible to say that the Grace of a saint has worked?’

‘I don’t understand’, replied the devotee.

Bhagavan explained in more detail: The blessings of a saint perform the purificatory work of life. The blessings cannot increase the impurity. One whose understanding is limited, will ask for blessings so that he can fulfill certain desires, but if the desires are such that their fulfillment will make the seeker more impure rather than purer, the saint’s blessings will not enable him to fulfill the desires. In this way, the seeker is saved from further impurities. In that case, are not a saint’s blessings a gift of compassion?

The devotee finally understood and was satisfied by Bhagavan’s words. (Source: The Power of the Presence, Volume II.)

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