Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Deliverance

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Bhagavan takes Lakshmi’s head into his lap, holding her and stroking her face and neck. Immediately her breathing becomes steady. Bhagavan embraces her and places his cheek against hers. Then the two pairs of eyes meet and tears begin to flow down their faces. Those witnessing this intimate scene are unable to contain their emotion and begin weeping softly. With his face touching hers , Bhagavan strokes Lakshmi lightly. With his eyes fixed on her, Bhagavan places his left hand on Lakshmi’s head, with his right hand strokes her from the throat down to the heart centre. Time passes as he continues to massage her in this way. Then in a soft voice to her, ” What do you say Amma? May I go?……..

Bhagavan says to Lakshmi, “Wherever I may be, I will never leave you. I will always be with you.

Lakshmi remains calm, looking up at Bhagavan. Her face communicates a selfpossession that could only belong to a devotee of stature. She knows the truth of these last words from her master, at this their final earthly meeting.

(Source: From Sri Ramana,The Friend Of Animals)

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