Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Do not kill the Snake

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Do not kill the Snake

One morning, in December, 1945, Chinnaswami and others saw a snake crawling near Bhagavan’s Hall. People started

shouting outside. ‘What kind of a snake is it? Beat it! Beat it!’ When Bhagavan heard the sound of beating of the snake.,

He cried out, ‘Who is beating it?’ Apparently this remonstration of Bhagavan was lost in the noise of the crowd, and the

snake was killed. When Bhagavan came to know of this He said, ‘If these persons are beaten like that, then they will know what it means to be beaten.’

(Source: Day by Day with Bhagavan, Devaraja Mudaliar.)

On a moonlit night some devotees were going round the holy Arunachala Hill, chanting the Vedas. Suddenly they saw a leopard standing right in the middle of the road and looking at them. The singers were paralysed with fear. They could neither sing nor walk ahead or run away. The leopard looked at them quietly for quite a long time and then slowly crossed the road and disappeared into the jungle. The devotees thanked their stars, completed their round of the hill and, after returning to the Ashram, related their adventure to Bhagavan, who listened carefully and said, “There was no reason for fear. The leopard is a jnani who came down from the hill to listen to your chanting the Vedas. He went away deeply disappointed because out of fright you broke off singing. Why were you afraid”?

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