Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Interesting Moments

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Interesting Moments

1. A devotee who had arrived from Madras went out to bathe at a tank close by. Bhagavan who was talking to some visitors in the kovil, suddenly got up and went out. By that time a tiger was looking at the new person near the tank, maybe for a meal! At Bhagavan’s behest the tiger went Backto the forest. The visitor was thus saved.

2. The stay was arranged by a devotee, Rangaswami Iyengar. The latter went out to answer a call of nature and just about then a leopard arrived there. He tried to frighten the leopard but it growled. He was terrified and chanting Ramana’s name began running for life. Normally, a leopard would not leave such a person but it kept quiet. Bhagavan arrived near that place and asked the devotee to show him the leopard. But it was no longer to be seen there. Such could be the power of Ramana nama smarana.

– Ramana Leela

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