Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Friend of All

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Sri Bhagavan – Friend of All

After Bhagavan moved down from Skandasramam and settled in Sri Ramanasramam, at the base of Arunachala, more and more devotees and visitors came for Bhagavan’s darshan and sought His blessings since it was no longer necessary for people to climb the Hill. But with this change, He was now more accessible to human devotees than to His animal companions. Bhagavan often lamented the fact that in Sri Ramanasramam He was indoors, where animals did not have free access to Him. He insisted that no one regardless of what species they belong to should be deprived of His darshan. Slowly the ashramites and devotees began to understand that Bhagavan’s animal companions were also His devotees and as dear to Him as any of them.

After coming to Sri Ramanasramam, one day, Bhagavan unusually got up abruptly after listening to some peculiar noise and went eastward to the farthest fence of the Asramam. An old monkey with a retinue of female monkeys were shouting and crying aloud. Bhagavan alone had heard it, perhaps the cries of the monkeys were directed at Him !

He went near the crying monkey and listened to him and then addressed him: Thatha (Grandpa) ! What to do? I have been retained here. I could not come there. I also miss you all very much. You have come to see me with your Queens, all the way from there, risking attacks from other herds of monkeys staying in these parts. How are you? How is your family? Is everything all right? I am quite well here. Please go Backand also take Backthese queens safely. It is very good of you to have come to see me.

Bhagavan’s voice was choked and tears were rolling down from his eyes.

Bhagavan returned to the Hall and told the devotees about the incident.

(Source: Hobblers and Monkeys of Arunachala)

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