Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Advice to a sparrow

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Bhagavan’s advice to a sparrow

One day a sparrow refused to go out of the Hall. She sat adamantly and chirped her heart out until she had an audience with Bhagavan. Bhagavan who had utmost concern for all species listened to her complain with patience and compassion, and said, ‘What can I do? They have disturbed your nest. They will not allow you to build the nest here in the Hall. So, please go and build your nest elsewhere.’ After listening to Bhagavan, the sparrow flew away merrily.

Bhagavan’s identity with everyone, including animals and birds, was so full and total that He was treated by every species as their own!

Sri K. Swaminathan writes in his Book, ‘Ramana Maharshi’ (National Biography):

There is a reason to believe that Maharshi understood the language of birds and animals. Sri Anantanarayanan, former Chief Justice of Madras, writes:

Bhagavan, who was busy writing, puts away the materials and His spectacles and calls the attendant, ‘A pair of sparrows just came here and complained to me that their nest had been removed. I look up and find their nest missing…. Madhava, did anyone remove the sparrows’ nest?’

The attendant said that he had done so, as their persistent nest building above the couch of Bhagavan had become a major nuisance. Bhagavan replies: ‘That’s it. That is why the sparrows complained. The poor little ones…..’

All things lie open to Him who is in love and all animals and birds speak to Him, the knower, as to each other.

(Source: Purushottama Ramana, Sri V. Ganesan)

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